What is New on 2018 Nissan Altima

The inside part of Altima is not too different with the exterior part, by then it has aesthetic interior design with organized dashboard in which you can enjoy this beautifully organized dashboard. Inside, Altima designated as four-seat passenger even you can have additional passenger who sit on a pinch. As safety gear, it has automated stopping in high-end specification for anticipating any car crash. Altima has four-cylinder engine which has 182 horsepower produced by 2.5-liter 4 cylinder as its base. Not too different with the previous series, this 2018-series has additional hands-free features on each multimedia system of Nissan Connect.

If you want to add any improved technology on your Altima-to-be, you can easily add the modern technology as additional package, so you can access the Nissan Connect for any navigation task. This excellent car also has touch display in 7-inch size, satellite radio, cruise control which is more flexible, and another high-end feature. The price of 2018 Nissan Altima begins at $22,500 which has excellent specification compared with another brands on the similar class. Of course, for adding any upgraded technology, you need an extra price for fulfilling your needs.

The engine which is used by this Honda accord will be four-cylinder engine with the 68 horsepower. This engine will suit the car which seems sportier and matches with the aerodynamic design. The four-cylinder engine here will be more competitive than the type of engine in the previous model. It supports the user to use the sedan as well as the long trip in high performance, not only from the appearance but also inside the car system. So, this is the reason why 2018 Honda Accord is very much expected by the people especially about the performance.