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Pop culture fans who have watched daytime TV might recognize the name Dr. Oz. However, many aren’t sure exactly what he does or is best known for. In late 2021, the controversial host’s name started making headlines for a whole new reason when he announced he’d entered the Pennsylvania Senate race. The months since the announcement have led to more discoveries about Dr. Oz, including why his critics point their fingers at Oprah Winfrey for helping to shine a light on him in the first place.

Dr. Oz is running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania

In December 2021, Dr. Mehmet Oz announced his decision to run for Senate in Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz ran as a Republican in the race, earning the endorsement of several top political figures. Most notably, Reuters reported Donald Trump supports Dr. Oz. Apparently, he even worked with several former Trump aides to take his campaign to the next level. 

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