Union Springs Central School District

Polling: Noon to 9 p.m., Tuesday, May 17, middle/high school gym lobby, 239 Cayuga St., Union Springs

Proposed budget: $20,182,045 … +4.1%

Estimated tax levy: +1.3%

Tax cap: Below cap, simple majority needed for approval

Special ballot propositions: 1. Proposition to allow the district to undertake a capital improvement project for certain renovations, alterations and improvements at a cost not to exceed $850,000, with $355,982 used from the 2017 capital reserve. 2. Proposition to establish a new 10-year capital reserve not to exceed $2,500,000 to be used for renovations and additions to all district facilities. 3. Proposition Springport Free Library budget of $88,500, an increase of $3,500.

School board candidates (three three-year seats available):

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Family: Married, two children, ages 11 and 13

Education: Doctorate of physical therapy from SUNY Upstate Medical University

Elected office and community service experience: Co-leader Girl Scouts, PTO and Booster club; coach, Union Springs Soccer Club, Long Range Planning Board and site based member

1. Moving the 5th graders back to AJ Smith where they can be protected from older kid behaviors and also so they have access to a playground and age appropriate activities during recess.

2. Focus more on mental health and safety in schools. The pandemic has had profound effects on us all but especially children. End the stigma and help kids who are struggling and include family counseling if needed so these kids can be successful in school.

3. Improve sports programs. Kids need to be active and stay involved in extracurricular activities. Currently we are merged with Port Byron and junior varsity is offered for some sports but not others leading to very large teams with little playing time or kids moving up to varsity when too young, which may make kids decide not to play at all.

Why did you decide to run for school board?

I am running for the school board because I have a strong desire to help support my children and their classmates in discovering the value of a strong education and addressing issues that students are currently facing. I feel Union Springs is an excellent school district but as a parent I do see areas that could be improved upon. If elected, I look forward to working with current board members and continuing to improve the Union Springs school district.

Jackie Farrelly-Dougherty

Family: Married; three children, ages 9-14

Education: I graduated from Buffalo State College with a bachelor’s degree

Elected office and community service experience: No recent boards I’ve been on

1. To continue to provide the highest quality education, arts and sports programs in addition to supporting our students mental health needs.

2. To continue to maintain a fiscally responsible budget in the face of rising costs.

3. Lastly, to continue the long range planning and maintenance of our grounds and facilities.

Why did you decide to run for school board?:

I graduated from Union Springs and have three children currently in the district. I am proud of the work that has been done to improve the education and well being of our students, and facilities. I have been interested in being on the board and now I have the time to put in and give back to the community I was raised in. I am excited to be a part of the Union Springs school board, to work with the board members and Dr. Powers to continue to move our district forward. I am asking for your vote on May 17th. Thank you.

Family: Married; five children, 13-21

Education: I am a 1987 graduate of Union Springs Central School District and a 1993 graduate of Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Elected office and community service experience: I have served on the Union Springs Board of Education since 2015 and have been vice president for the past three years. I am a former member of the Fleming #2 fire department having served as an emergency medical technician.

1. Education/Mental Health Support of our Students: Prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Union Springs Central School District was ranked among the top schools in our county for our academic performance. Since returning to full-time in-person learning our students are struggling academically and emotionally/socially. The lack of the structure of school and in-person learning has had a significant impact on our student’s academic progress, well-being, and growth. Recently the board voted to approve the hiring of a school counselor at the elementary school and the creation of a Licensed Clinical Mental Health position for the middle school/high school to help support our students. I support our administration in their efforts and the direction of resources to help our students to regain their academic standing and cope with the challenges that the pandemic brought and continues to bring to their lives.

2) Facilities/Infrastructure: My second priority would be to help continue the work of the district regarding maintaining and improving our facilities. With the overwhelming support of our community for our capital projects, the district has completed a renovation and expansion at AJ Smith, a renovation at the bus garage, and a renovation, repairs, and security upgrades to the middle school/high school. Being good stewards of the resources that our community has invested in our school buildings and seeing that they are properly maintained is a paramount responsibility of the school board. This year, voters are being asked to vote on proposition 2 to authorize a project to make much-needed upgrades to our technology infrastructure. They are also being asked with proposition 3 to approve the creation of a capital reserve so that we can begin saving for the next capital project. This upcoming project which is in the planning stage will focus, among other things, on updates to the plumbing some of which is original to our 86-year-old building. I support the efforts of the district to create and maintain technologically modern, healthy, and safe facilities for our students to learn in.

3) Fiscal Responsibility: Lastly, and this is of no lesser importance, I feel the district needs to continue to be diligent in managing its budget. We live in an area with limited economic resources and declining student populations. How funds are used, I feel, is a significant responsibility of the board. In the seven years I have served on the board, we have consistently presented a budget that was significantly lower than the tax cap with many years coming in at 0% or close to it. The district has completed over 23 million dollars of capital work all with a 0% tax impact. This has been accomplished through diligent management of resources, funding of capital reserves to save for projects to offset local costs, and being future-focused in planning for the needs of our facilities. I will work to continue to ensure that our resources are used most efficiently to the best benefit of our students.

Why did you decide to run for school board?

Serving on the school board was something that had interested me for some time. I am very proud of our school district and wanted to be more actively involved in my children’s education. When a vacancy on the school board became available in 2015, I applied and was appointed. I ran and was elected to my first term in 2016. I have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and have been honored to serve as a member of the board. I feel that I bring a unique perspective to the board as I am a parent, teacher, and taxpayer. Thank you for the opportunity I have had to serve on the board. With your vote, I look forward to continuing this work.

Family: Married; three children, ages 9-18

Education: SUNY Canton, engineering technology degree

Elected office and community service experience: Volunteer Experience; vice president of softball for South Cayuga Little League; head coach girls majors softball team; land steward for The Nature Conservancy; former Head Coach, Union Springs Soccer Club

1. Continue to provide a quality education for our students with additional emphasis on STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics). STEAM learning initiatives are designed to promote critical thinking, problem solving and creative solutions. In addition, through collaborative learning, students become part of a team and develop skill sets that will help them as they progress through their K-12 education and into the workforce.

2. Produce fiscally responsible annual budgets. Families trust our school districts to provide a great education at the lowest possible tax dollar. This requires teamwork and transparency.

3. Additional focus should be given to mental health. Due to COVID, today’s students just experienced two years of education that was far from normal. The effects on mental health can be long lasting and additional counseling may be necessary for some students.

Why did you decide to run for school board?

I have been a district resident since 2002. I have a passion for Union Springs and I’m proud to live in this community. I am running for school board to advocate for improvement in our teaching curriculums with greater emphasis on STEAM learning and modern technology. I would also like to be part of the annual budgets process. Our budgets need to be fair to our teachers, staff, students and taxpayers. My career profession is a K-12 construction manager. For the past 20+ years I have worked exclusively in our local schools. I have a great understanding of school district operations and I’m proud of the work I’ve completed. In the near future Union Springs will proceed with a multi-million dollar capital improvement project. My career experiences will help ensure a fiscally balanced project that provides great benefits for our students at the lowest possible cost for taxpayers.

Family: Married; one child

Education: Graduated from Union Springs High School in 1990, attended Cayuga Community College

Elected office and community service experience: Union Springs Central School District Board of Education since 2012

1. Continue to increase mental and social wellness resources for the students.

2. Continue advancing available technology in the classroom.

3. Maintain a financially prudent budget for the taxpayers while offering opportunities for the students.

Why did you decide to run for school board?

The opportunity came available in 2012 to run for an open Board seat. At that time, I wanted to be a part of the school I graduated from and continue to progress the district into the future. Would like to continue the vision of moving the district forward.

Weedsport Central Central School District

Polling: Noon to 9 p.m., Tuesday, May 17, Weedsport Junior-Senior High School, 2821 E. Brutus St., Weedsport

Proposed budget: $21,272,020 …+4.2%

Estimated tax levy:  +1.8%

Tax cap: Below cap, simple majority needed for approval

Special ballot propositions: 1. Proposition for the approval to purchase a new school bus at a cost not to exceed $140,000. 2. Proposition for the Weedsport Public Library to spend an additional $87,186 in 2022-23.

School board candidates (one five-year seat available):

Family: Married; two children, ages 10 and 12

Education: Master’s degree in education, Cortland State University; currently enrolled at Oswego State University for my certificate of advanced Study in school building and district leadership

Elected office and community service experience:  I have been serving on the BOE for Weedsport the past 5 years. I have coached Little League Softball for the past 5 years and I have also coached for 2 years for Twin County Soccer. I have been an active member of the Weedsport APT for the past six years

1. Continuing to strengthen and improve academic programming for ALL students

2. Supporting and providing faculty and staff with professional development and the resources they need to improve instruction for students

3. Providing mental health and social/emotional needs for students; Focus on long term fiscal sustainability.

Why did you decide to run for school board?

I am a teacher at Union Springs Central School District for the past 17 years. I have great knowledge and understanding of the components an excellent educational program needs. I have been working diligently the past 5 years with my fellow BOE members to improve the technology, improve reading programs, improve student classroom furniture, and increasing social emotional support for students. We have currently identified the need to improve our math curriculum, strengthen intervention structures for struggling learners, and increase academic offerings for advanced students. It is imperative that we also focus on our district’s long term finances as our enrollment is decreasing.

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