Amanda Kloots Talks Grief And Connection To Late Husband With Kelly Rizzo

Since the passing of Nick Cordero to a battle with COVID-19 in July 2020, he remains loved by his surviving wife, Amanda Kloots.

Kloots and Cordero tied the knot in 2017, and their union bore a handsome little boy named Elvis Eduardo Cordero in June 2019.

The “Dancing With The Stars” finalist opened up about the eternal nature of grief, communicating with her late spouse and documenting their story in her memoir.

Amanda Kloots Gets Candid About Grieving With Kelly Rizzo


On Wednesday, May 11, Kloots sat down with Kelly Rizzo, who lost her husband, Bob Saget, in January. She talked about how she has been coping since Cordero’s worldly exit, according to PEOPLE.

The dancer poetically likened grief to an onion due to its neverending quality. She said:

“You know how you peel off an onion, and it makes you cry? I feel like grief; why it never ends is because we continue going on through life, right? So if you think about it, that’s your grief, that onion.”

Kloots has been a single mom to Elvis for nearly two years and wishes that her late spouse could witness his every moment of cuteness. These instances are another layer that makes her cry.

The mother-of-one looked to her son getting married and leaving home in the future, noting that witnessing it would count as peeling five layers. She continued:

“When your person dies, a lot of people will say, ‘Don’t worry. In a year you’re going to be so much better.’ And you are, in a way. But I wish somebody would say, “Don’t worry. Grief never ends, and it’s okay.’”

Kloots admitted that grief will always cause tears because the deceased held a special place in the hearts of those left behind. She added, “You just learn how to grow around it.”

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The blonde beauty revealed that she remains connected to Cordero and still gets signs from him when she directly requests them. She recalled having a bad day and asking:

“Nick, I really need to sign on what to do here. I’m gonna make it super specific: I want to see the word ‘Believe.’”

Kloots put her request out there and visited a friend with her son. While leaving the building, less than two hours later, she saw something miraculous. She said:

“In her yard right by the garage door is a sign — like a yard sign — and it says, ‘We,’ and then in all capitals the biggest word on the sign: ‘BELIEVE,’ and then ‘that all lives matter.’”

The fitness instructor noted the sign’s uniqueness and how the word she wanted as a sign stood out prominently. She recounted:

“I did a double-take, and I was like, ‘Oh my God! Okay. Okay, I hear you!’”

Feeling her late husband’s support from the other side propelled Kloots to start writing a tell-all about their love story titled “Live Your Life.” She explained:

“I’m writing this book. I’ve felt very invigorated and inspired. I’ve felt like Nick has been like right beside me cheering me on the whole time, guiding me through it. There’s something that just feels very right about it.”

The interview meant a lot to Rizzo as well. She took to her Instagram Story with a selfie of them from Kloots’ page, gushing that it was “cathartic to finally speak about grief.”

Amanda Kloots Heads To DWTS Rehearsal Friday With Partner

Late Nick Cordero’s Wife Dishes On Dream Cast For His Biopic

Kloots already has an actor on the top of her wishlist to play her late husband for the biopic “Live Your Life.”

In March, The Blast disclosed that in celebration of the 2,500th episode of “The Talk,” the star sat down with her co-hosts and ET, to share casting choices for the film.

“Live Your Life” was named after one of the late musician’s songs that talks about what the couple went through and how Kloots mourned his passing while raising their son.

Present for the conversation were Jerry O’Connell, Sheryl Underwood, Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Natalie Morales. Underwood brought up the author herself or Nicole Kidman as the female protagonist.

Morales suggested Jennifer Lawrence. As the group bounced off ideas for the male lead, Kloots shared her preference, saying, “My dream casting is Adam Driver. Adam Driver, I’m coming for you.”

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