May 12, 2022, and Mercury retrograde is in full swing. For three zodiac signs, the energy starts to bring intensity to their horoscopes the most.

Thursday brings a few challenges, depending on who we are and what our zodiac sign is, those challenges could include health as well as attitude.

This is a good day to get a check-up or to change something in our lifestyle. Food plays an important role in today’s focus and it would be a wise choice to ask yourself if you are eating properly, or just letting your health go to waste.

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Transit-wise, we’re looking at Moon in Libra, which may help us see that we are unbalanced in our dietary approach, and Moon opposition Jupiter, which clearly states that we may be overeating and simply overdoing it, whatever ‘it’ is.

Because of these two astrological transits we will have a choice as to whether or not we do something about the state of our health, and being that action is needed, we’d better get on it.

What makes this day rough is that we have to admit to something that feels like a failure, and that’s incredibly hard to do.

Especially if it’s something as personal as diet and body image; no one likes to think that they ‘can’t’ be disciplined, but when we realize that we have zero discipline, we feel weak and incapable.

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