Dole China launches Everich Sweet banana line

Everich is a new sub-brand of Dole China. It’s product offering includes pineapples, papayas and other products. Recently a new product category was added with the launch of the Everich Gold Standard Sweet Banana.

At its start, Dole China mainly sold imported fruits, and products such as golden pineapple and Sweetio bananas, through which they successfully entered the Chinese market. However China is also a big agricultural country and, thanks to the vast land resources and diversified climatic conditions, China has many quality fruits.

This lead to the launch of the Everich trademark. From farm planting to processing and transportation, Dole China tracks and controls the entire process; every product that comes to consumers has the guarantee of Dole’s high-end quality. With good product quality and affordable prices, Everich products have opened many distribution channels.

Different colors present different flavors
Bananas are sweet and soft, easy to eat, do not require additional process, and are suitable for all kinds of people. Some people like bananas with yellow and green skin, while others like bananas with sesame spots on the skin, which are sweeter. The different colors represent the different ripeness of bananas and show different flavors. In Dole, bananas are divided into 7 different colors, distinguishing between different ripeness levels from picking to tasting.

Dole banana color card
During the process of continuous ripening, the starch in bananas is gradually converted into sugar. The glycemic index (GI) of green bananas is usually 30, while the glycemic index (GI) of ripe bananas is 58. Unripe green bananas have 20 times more resistant starch than ripe bananas, and beneficial bacteria in the human colon also rely on its food. The bright yellow color indicates that the ripeness of the banana is nearing its peak, and the elevated sugar content in the banana also makes the banana a good energy supply. The brown spots on the skin of very ripe bananas, also known as sesame spots, indicate that more starch is converted into sugar.

Dole banana experts visit a few high-quality banana production areas, selected from high-quality banana farms in Southeast Asia, and control the quality of bananas from the source. Each Everich Gold Label Sweet Banana is precisely processed by Dole China’s modern computer processing library, which can be processed to different colors and sizes according to seasonal changes, the length of transportation routes and customer requirements. The whole process is processed by gas, the color change is more uniform, and the consumption is safer. Everich Gold Label Sweet Banana also adopts a small packaging design, a single package of about 5, net weight of 650 grams, to meet the nutritional intake of a family of three, but also to avoid customers purchasing too much and, with improper storage, causing food waste.

Nutrition and social commitment
Through its own efforts, Dole hopes to shorten the distance between consumers and is committed to providing 1 billion people with quality nutrition by 2025, which is in keeping with the spirit of the “Dole Promise”. It is also the the reason for the frequent launching of new Dole products this year. With more direct communication with consumers and understanding their needs, they will provide fruit and vegetable products that meet the needs of modern consumers in different scenarios. In the future, Dole will continue to work hard to reduce food waste and other aspects, while creating brand value, and making more positive impacts on maintaining the environment in which we live.

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