NoLo is an Asheville-based bottle shop and distributor of nonalcoholic wine, beer and spirits.

ASHEVILLE – Bars and restaurants are revising their beverage menus, and it’s enriching the social experience for their guests.

Asheville resident Jason Pedrick is taking a lead to show how variety and open-mindedness can pay off for the customer and the business.

Pedrick is the founder of NoLo, an online bottle shop and distributor of nonalcoholic beverages, based in the city. NoLo makes it easier for people in recovery, the “sober-curious,” and those wanting to cut back on alcohol for health, fitness or other reasons to go out with friends without the awkwardness, he said.

“My goal is not to say that alcohol is bad, but a lot of people do find enjoyment cutting back,” Pedrick said. “All of these products not only have that health benefit but they’re significantly less in calories. The nonalcoholic beers typically have about half the calories and carbs of a normal beer.”

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